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Treatment and support for a variety of addictions including alcohol, drugs, food, sex, relationships, spending, and gambling.

Work with adolescents include many concerns relevant to teens, including relationships with parents and siblings, emotional concerns, sexual issues, choices about drugs and alcohol, self-identity, academics, and career.

Concerns about career, include choosing a job/career, changing jobs, coping with loss of a job, and retirement.

Couples face relationship issues including communication, co-dependence, addiction/recovery, sex, anxiety, depression, finances, and parenting.

EMDR/Trauma Resolution
Dorothy has been a level II trained trauma therapist since 1998.  She has experience and training that will help you deal with trauma associated with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, accidents and injuries, and neglect.

Family-Owned Businesses
Work with family businesses includes helping members make decisions about roles and responsibilities, leadership transitions, finances, hiring/ firing, and boundaries between work and home.

Help is provided to sort out family, parent-child, and sibling conflicts, parenting and discipline concerns, academic decisions, and divorce/blended family dynamics.

Dorothy has financial planning expertise in addition to counseling to help individuals, couples, and families face financial challenges including budgeting, spending, shared vs. separate finances, allowances for children, and changes in income status.

Whether your gifts show up in athletics, visual arts, performing arts, academics, emotional sensitivity, or intuition, Dorothy can help you make sense of them and help you find your place in life.

Intensive Outpatient Programs
Safe Harbor Counseling offer customized intensive outpatient programs for individuals, couples, and families. These programs entail several hours of therapy per day, may last from a couple of days to three weeks or more, and are designed to help you get past obstacles in your healing.

Dorothy is a licensed sex therapist treating a variety of sexual concerns including sexual trauma, performance anxiety, sexual orientation, sexual values, and decisions about sex in relationships.

Help is provided when dealing  with a variety of spiritual concerns including self-identity, religious and faith concerns, meaning and purpose in life, search for the truth, and integrity in living out personal values.

Chronic Illness

More and more people are experiencing ongoing pain from chronic and often undiagnosed illness.  Help is provided by creating a support system, dealing with the emotional pain of long term illness and resources to live the best life possible.

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